100% Natural Spring Water

Our Natural Spring Water is naturally filtered through land certified by the Soil Association as ORGANIC and drawn from a protected source.

We are committed to recycling and conservation, this is made possible through the use of recyclable materials.


Water dramatically improves our well being. Good hydration not only improves the skin but boosts energy levels, improves mental alertness and helps avoid a host of ailments. Spring Water also enables the body to eliminate toxins and absorb essential vitamins and minerals as well as regulating body temperature.

Most tap waters have had Chlorine and Fluoride added, there have been several recent reports in the news of Aluminium and even diesel being accidentally added to tap water causing serious health consequences.


As well as a daily intake of minerals, you require around 2 litres of water per day to replenish that which is lost.

Water is the most efficient natural remover of toxic substances from the body, so when recovering from nights-out and general excess, it’s wise to consume plenty of natural water. Headaches and lack of concentration can also commonly be attributed to lack of hydration, making it all the more important to stay hydrated with Watermarket’s Natural Spring Water.


Our Spring Water is crystal clear, with a neutral pH and a refreshing natural taste.

It is sourced deep in the caves under the Mendip Hills, having been naturally filtered through certified Organic land and enriched by the rocks through which it travels.

Mineral Content:

Your body requires the intake of minerals in order to remain healthly. Our Natural Spring Water is a source of natural minerals in colloidal solution for increased absorption. It contains one of the highest mineral contents of all UK waters at 403mg/l.

Typical Mineral Analysis Table:

Calcium  92 mg/l
Magnesium  27.8 mg/l
Potassium  2 mg/l
Sodium  8 mg/l
Bicarbonate  382 mg/l
Chloride  17.4 mg/l
Sulphate  16 mg/l
Dry Residue 180 o  403 mg/l
pH at Source  7.4

Calcium is particularly important for the development and health of your bones and teeth, and 2 litres of spring water can provide one third of your daily intake of Calcium. It also provides quantities of Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Bicarbonate, Chloride and Sulphate – each with their own health benefits.

The neutral pH of  our Spring Water is also an ideal complement for both the epithelial cells lining the digestive system and forming the skin.